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The College has well equipped Curriculum Laboratory. A collaborative panel of both faculty and students worked toward the goal of creating a lab that would meet and exceed the needs of the College as required by NCTE in New Norms. The lab combines the qualities of material center, mini-library, and idea center. The Curriculum Laboratory is a center for instructional material in teacher education. It is designed for students and teachers in the professional core courses in education, the specialized professional courses, student teaching, and the required activities related to student teaching.

The Curriculum Lab’s number one goal is to keep up-to-date and to provide students with the materials and equipment they need to be the teachers they want to be. Students may check out textbooks (Pre-Primary to Sr. Secondary) for fourteen (14) day periods/ children’s books may be checked out for seven (7) day periods. The diverse material found here, support instruction in professional development and teacher education. The material is in both print and non-print format. Education Faculty uses the Laboratory which also provides SMART Classroom facility, for teaching and demonstrations on electronic pedagogy to student teachers.

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