The College provides First Aid medical facilities to the students and staff. A Part-time Doctor has been engaged for the purpose. Network with Medical Institutions has been established for routine check-up and emergency treatment of students.
    Seminar is a routine feature of this institution through which all the students are activated and get ready to contribute too through their participation not only on the course contents but also in various disciplines of modern teaching learning processes going on. Expert academicians of the institutions of repute are invited to deliver their valuable lectures on this occasion, thus all of our students as well as faculty members are enriched enhancing their self-esteem, confidence, creative thinking and communication through it.
    A well-equipped multipurpose hall enriched with modern devices like LCD Projectors, public address system, other audio-visual systems, covering an area of 84398.4sq.ft., provide the excellent opportunity of performing seminars, workshops, cultural functions, morning assembly, and a number of college functions. The multi-purpose hall has well-ventilated and furnished with a seating capacity of 300 students. The stage is of the multipurpose hall is beautifully decorated and lighted that gives a sound platform to the pupil teachers to exhibit their talents.
    Boys’ and girls’ common room refer to the rooms which are actually mini social centres for sharing and exchanging their views. These are pleasant with T.V. a source of recreation. There may he meetings, group discussion, other such activities by which they know the ropes to whom they can turn for help. Musical and social events take place in that atmosphere making each other refreshed. New ideas and concepts may also develop from this healthy environment through their interactive activities.